How does it work?

Basics of the aeroTROTTER

1st Step:

Enter the booth through the accesible lateral door

2nd Step:

Move the aeroTROTTER to the desired location. The aeroTROTTER is equipped with a hybrid motor.

3rd Step:

Once the workplace is reached, use the control panel to lift the booth to the desired position.

4th Step:

Use the control panel to horizontally approach the booth to the working area in order to create a semi-closed environment.

5th Step:

Turn on the ventilation and start working on the damaged area. The 4 stages filtration system will clean the VOCs in the environment.

6th (and last) Step:

Once the work is done, move the booth to the next area and start over the process

relevant advantages

Why to consider aeroTROTTER as a new equipment for your company


Most frequently asked questions from our clients

Can I retouch the plane tail with the aero Trotter?

The aeroTROTTER max working height is around 16m. There are several airplane models with higher vertical stabilizers reaching up to 24m.

Check this table for comparison:

With that in mind, there are special aeroTROTTER models manufactured on demand for higher elevation necessities. Contact our commercial department for more information.

Does this equipment have the necessary and right permits to operate in my sector?

aeroTROTTER complies with all applicable regulations and EU directives in both the aeronautical and maritime sectors

Do I need to make special adaptations to the working site of the aeroTROTTER?

No. You just need to have a triphasic outlet socket to plug in the equipment. It operates both in electric and hybrid modes.

What is the max. loading capacity of aeroTROTTER?

aeroTROTTER is not intended to transport heavy equipment. The max. load of the aeroTROTTER is around 100kg, although special equipment can be made on demand to increase these limits. Contact us for more information

How much easy, safe and convenient is to control the booth by the operator from inside the very cabin?

The booth can be fully controlled by the operator from inside the cabin by means of a user-friendly ATEX control panel and an ATEX control PEDAL which allows to activate the control panel when the cabin is in use, otherwise the booth stops as a security mechanism. The operator has a wide and clear vision of both the working area and the whole surrounding space, as the cabin is made of resistant wide glass walls to maximize the visibility towards the whole working area so the operator can work conveniently and safely. The anti-sliding floor surface of the cabin and the powerful lighting, this latter located in the upper part of the booth, help the operator work properly to do a great refinish job.

What type of preinstalled safety equipment does aeroTROTTER have?
  • Foam bumpers to avoid any damage.
  • Overload alarm system (it stops the platform).
  • Fixed fall protection barriers in the front edge of the cabin.
  • Anti-sliding floor surface.
  • Built-in ring to secure the operator’s harness.
  • ATEX built-in cabin equipment.
  • Optional camera and LCD monitor to check blind spots as extra equipment
  • Optional radar with acoustic alarm to avoid collisions as extra equipment

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Technical FEatures

Technical features may change without notice. Check out with us for updates


Length 7.311 mm
Width 2.994 mm
Height 2.290 mm


Mechanics Hybrid (pneumatic + electrical)
Electrical cable 40 m. Three-phase and retractable
Max. elevation on working area 13,92 m
Displacement speed 7,2 km/h
Max displacement speed with deployed platform 1,09 km/h
Airflow 5.600 – 6.800 m3/h
Avg. air speed on filter 1,26 m2
Avg. air speed on working area 0,3 – 0,6 m/s
VOCs retention capacity 80 – 97%
Voltage 380 V/50 Hz
Noise levels 74 dB (A)


1st Stage ANDREA Cardboard
2nd Stage Paint-Stop
3rd Stage Synthetic G4
4th Stage Activated charcoal


Max. working height 15,92 m
Max. platform height (base) 13,92 m
Max. horizontal working range 7,5 km/h
Max. load 100 kg


Security camera (rear and side) Optional
Proximity radar Optional
Proximity bumpers Included
Yellow strobe light Included

ATEX Control Panel

ATEX Control Pedal